KEUNE | Care Satin Oil Conditioner, 250ml

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A deeply hydrating conditioner for those with lackluster, dry hair. The hair is nourished from the inside out, leaving you with silky, shiny, soft strands.

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If shining bright is your hair goal, Satin Oil Conditioner is your way to get there. This intensely nourishing hydrator treats dull, dry hair from the inside out thanks to its rich blend of maracuja, baobab, and monoï oil. Worried about grease and a heavy feeling? No need — we formulated Satin Oil Conditioner to make hair shiny, soft, and feeling feather-light.

► Conditioner for dull and dry hair with unique dual technology; nourishes the hair from inside out giving it a miraculous shine and softness.

Yangu-, Monoï-, Sweet Almond- and Maracuja Oil work on different levels within the hair. Papaya seed oil for more deepCare. Giving hair shine and softness.

Dry and dull hair.

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