KEUNE | Bond Fusion Phase 3, 200ml

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Bond Fusion is here! Our revolutionary new system is a premium treatment that allows you to go lighter and brighter without compromising the integrity of your hair.

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Working with Bond Fusion is easy. There are three steps: Build, Enhance, and Recharge. In Phase 1, you add the Bond Builder to the color or lifting formula. It’ll repair broken bonds and create new ones while protecting the hair. In Phase 2, apply the Bond Enhancer, a deeply nourishing, restorative treatment that’ll strengthen the newly-created bonds, sealing strands to ensure long-lasting conditioning. Finally, Phase 3, the Bond Recharger, is the perfect home maintenance product that prolongs the effect of your Bond Fusion treatment.

► Nourishes and strengthens
► Significantly less hair breakage
► Continuous conditioning
► Leaves hair easier to comb

Normally, chemical processes like coloring or forming treatments break down disulfide bonds that are essential for healthy hair. But that’s where Bond Fusion comes in, repairing and rebuilding broken bonds, even creating new ones. It also protects the inner structure of each strand. Now, you can transform any hair into any color (yes, even platinum blonde!) while keeping hair strong and conditioned. Lastly, Bond Fusion is compatible with all hair types and textures, virgin hair, and hair that’s been chemically treated or colored before.

All hair types.

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