KEUNE | Male 1922 World-Class Wax, (75ml)

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Shaping wax with medium hold and a shiny finish. Perfect for sleek styles on shorter hair. Contains creatine and hemp.

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Keep your short hair in style Rub a little World-class Wax between your hands and give your short hair the hold it needs plus a healthy shine. And you can restyle it whenever you want! But it doesn’t stop at a nice look. To keep your hair healthy and strong, we’ve added creatine and cannabis Sativa (hemp seed) extract for the nourishment it needs.

► Medium hold
► High shine
► Nourishes and strengthens

Hold Factor: 5
Shine Factor:7

Apply to dry or damp hair and style to your desires.


Sleek styles on shorter hair.


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Weight 75 g


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