Silky Cool Hair Mask Keratin 400ML

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Keratine is a major protective protein


Silky Cool Best Keratine Hair Mask For Dry Damaged Hair. If your hairs become fed, frizzy, split ends, hair fall, length issue then you should use this mask and make your hair beautiful.

► Keratine is a major protective protein
► Regenerative, Conditioning & Rebuilding treatment
► Restore Elasticity and Moisture
► Repair Damage Cuticle
► Hair feeling smooth and frizz-free

Step 1: Wash hair with Shampoo
Step 2: Apply Hair Mask and cover with Shower Cap for 10 to 15 Minutes
Step 3: Give steam for 4 to 5 minutes
Step 4: Wait until the scalp temperature goes normal
Step 5: Washout

Home Maintenance

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Weight 400 g


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