So Pure Energizing Hair Growth Lotion

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Stimulate new hair growth – and prevent hair loss – with So Pure Energizing Lotion.
Adds volume to fine, thin hair and helps boosts growth up to 25% in just 11 weeks.

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In Keune’s laboratory, they are only concerned with one thing: hair. An important part is promoting healthy hair growth. Keune So Pure Energizing Lotion is a leave-in lotion that promotes hair growth through the power of nature. In vitro tests show that our aromatic lotion accelerates hair growth by up to 25%. An independent survey has found that 75% of people have experienced thicker hair and improved growth. Natural ginger and lemon essential oils have a soothing effect and improve blood circulation in the scalp. Red ginseng stimulates hair growth and vitamin H (biotin) strengthens the hair.

► Stimulates circulation
► Prevents hair loss
► Up to 25% faster hair growth

Towel dry hair. Apply lotion to the scalp. Massage if desired. Do not rinse.
1-2 times a week for preventive use
2-3 times a week for maintenance
3-4 times a week for intensive use

Fine and thin hair, preventive and effective care.

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