SILKY COOL Whitening Facial Massage Cream 350ml

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It’s a marvelous moisturizer: When applied to the skin, massage creams act as a protective barrier keeping moisture in the skin instead of allowing it to evaporate. This is important, especially in the winter months when skin tends to be dry and flaky. The Whitening Massage Cream:


Silky Cool WHITENING MASSAGE CREAM is suitable for all types of skin, fights acne, and helps prevent pimples. Massage cream moisturizes rough areas of the body as it facilitates the massage. It can deeply moisturize your skin, leaving you with a baby soft texture without any oiliness.

► Glycerin hydrates the stratum corneum layer
► Lightens the skin complexion
► Treats oily skin
► Safeguards skin from cracks
► Increases thickness of the epidermal layer

15 to 20 minutes focus on pressure points Penetrate into the skin don’t remove.

For All Skin Types

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Weight 350 g


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